Monday, March 14, 2011

7:30 am on the time change morning is way to early to be up. Really, it's just 6:30, draped in a drizzly gray "7:30" and that's an ugly thing. No band names this early, sorry kids.

Well, not in the usual sense.

See, a dear friend of ours has found and pointed us at a wonderful article in the Washington Post which closely examines the names of bands playing at Austin's South By Southwest Festival. Unfortunately, we're way too out of it to come up with a clever name for you this morning, so we urge you to go to the WPost and read their article. It's called Is This The Worst Era For Band Names?, and we're inclined to say that they make a good argument. For an essay that's primarily a list of band names and snide remarks about them, it makes an amazingly coherent (and cutting) argument. Top-notch read.

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