Tuesday, March 22, 2011

As Time Goes By...

...we find ourselves slowly working through the backlog of band name suggested to us by loyal readers. That means we should probably take a moment and explain the system we use to to choose which band names we'll post. The short answer is pretty much all of them. The slightly longer answer is pretty much all of them, but we get the choose when.

To break it down even further, we do try to post all the band names people suggest to us, but sometimes (very, very sometimes- we're more desperate than proud) we'll put one on the back burner or even reject it outright. Rejections (real rejections, rejections that we actually delete out of the file) usually aren't funny, memorable, imaginative or really relevant. Sure, you can name your band "Nike Sports Shoe" if you want, but we'll be damned if we'll go see you with a name like that. It's not amusing, it's not relevant to anything, and it doesn't sound good. Other things that might get your rejected are very long band names with no good reason to be that long ("Three Guys With Two Guitars And A Ukelele Standing In A Halway"), patently offensive (anything racist or utterly disgusting without being funny; we're pretty mellow on this last bit) or already taken (Hypoxia- great name, already in use).

But other than that, we really don't ever toss band names out. In fact, we very, very rarely do, partly because we think damn near everything is funny, and partly because we're damn hard to offend, but mostly because good band names are just damn hard to come by.

The next question, then, is how do we decide WHEN to post something? Really, the answer to breaks down to "when we feel like it." Occasionally, we try to have themes going (like over last weekend, when we posted Neal Gaiman band names), or we'll tie them to politics or pop culture or running gags or whatever.

And that brings us to the Band Name Of The Day! We're, frankly, tired of the news about Libya's warlord killing his people, or the horror in Japan. We're in the mood for something frivolous and amusing, like the time Anonymous tackled the Westboro Baptist Church for being a bunch of twats. That was a while ago, but among other things the WBC accused Anonymous of being "foppish hackers." And there we have a band name, suggested by our friend Mr. B. Truman who writes:

The Foppish Hackers (inspired by an open letter from WBC to Anonymous). They play classically inspired techno-punk, and at shows they dress in upper-class 18th century suits with plenty of lace.

You know, sort of like Daft Punk with lace. This rolled in a while back, and in accordance with the prophecy policy we waited until an opportune moment to post it.

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