Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Psycho Circus

Well, we've been busy lately, and it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon, but we're still cramming in band names whenever we can! In fact, there had been rumblings of just throwing in the towel, giving in to the lord ennui (now there's a band name for you!) as it were, when we got some more awesome submissions, and really, we just can't resist that. So BNOTD lives to amuse another day!

First, we have one from Oakland, with some assistance from a San Mateo start up company and a new mother in Davis. Suffice it to say that it's been a long day, but it's finally lead to our first Band Name Of The Day:

Babycrack! Babycrack! is a hard-hitting electronica/punk rock hybrid band, the sort of thing that sounds like, well, music played by people who thought Babycrack! would be a good name.

And then we have a submission from a dear friend of ours, a frequent guest of the warped house in Davis, who came in out of the blue with: How do we submit band names...? 'Cause I think "The Clown Slappers" rocks. She's  right, of course, it's a good question. But first, the band name:

The Clown Slappers are are dirty, grungy sort of string band outfit, a bit more folk than jazz, and a bit more dirt than anything else.

Good questions deserve answering: You're welcome to submit band names in the comments forum attached to this blog, via Facebook to anyone associated with the blog, via email if you know it... really, there's no formal submission process, but it ain't hard to figure out.

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