Friday, March 18, 2011

There's A Reason They Call Him John "Cougar" Mellencamp...

Well, it's been a rollicking week here at BNOTD! We've had The Furious Marmots (they only look cuddly!), the Sexclamps (still think that's a great one!), Heavy Metal Meltdown (donate to Japan, folks), Patty Melt more.

Now it's Friday again, and we see ourselves reaching out to the internet, groping around in the darker corners of the web, and finding Neil Gaiman. Oh, and our friend Amy from Fresno. Amy pointed us at one of Neil's posts, and said it'd make for a great band name. By jingo, she's right!

The Wake-Up Kittens are a contemporary hipster art-rock band, but unlike many groups who call themselves that, these kids are good. Really good. Like "best new artist" of next year good, which they will win with the LP they're currently recording: Nasally Inserted: The Wake-Up Kittens.

Thanks, Neil. We owe you a beer. Or a cup of tea.

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