Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coin-Operated Boy?

Let's face it, most of the time we have silly band names here that few self-respecting bands could pull off. They're funny, good for a chuckle or maybe a quick bit of insight, but ultimately they're either too raunchy or too cumbersome to make a good band name in a real-world situation.

In a way, this goes against the one of the core ideas of this blog. Sure, the most important thing is to entertain and bring about a laugh or two, and we take that very seriously, but it goes beyond that. We'd also like to create a repository of band names that anyone who needs a name can come to and pick one out. This might be a name they hope to change the world under, the way that the Beatles did, or this might just be something used for a one-off, a band that can't contractually use its own name for a fund raiser or something, but the idea is there.

And so it is with great joy that we get submissions from our readers, most especially those who are professional musicians and music teachers who give us names that would be kick-ass real-world band names. One of those is today's Band Name Of The Day:

Prim and Improper, which we see as an all-female rockabilly group, a sort of tarted-up Red Elvises with better hair, classier suits, no weird accents and every bit as kickin' guitar riffs. Betty Paige with a Gibson, the sort of act that could roll up to the smokiest roadhouse in Texas and leave the whole place frustrated and thanking them for it.

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