Thursday, March 24, 2011


So this morning work started, email was opened and there was an email from the manager.

The subject just said "band name."

Teeth on edge, the email was opened. It's not like any of us ever post on this blog at work or anything, so really, there was nothing to worry about.


It had a band name in it. It was a good one too, but then the day began, work went bonkers, and posting was pushed off until...

Well, until work was over, email access was no more, and now this post is being written by someone who distinctly remembers having seen a great band name, but can't remember what on earth it was.

That's OK, though, we have other... avenues to band names! And lo and behold, here's another email in the ol' inbox, once again from Lizard (of "The Indecisive Cocks" fame), who told us about a deeply, deeply strange MyFace discussion that spawned this Band Name Of The Day:

Lollipops And Masturbation! This is obviously a slutty j-pop band. They could be a bunch of hot, of-age-but-looking-younger women in schoolgirl outfits with tall socks and very short skirts, or (more likely) it could be a couple of people of indeterminate gender in helmets spinning awesome far Eastern electronica. Like a slutty Daft Punk.

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