Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Midnight Hour

Well, according to the nifty little hour-minute-second counter in the upper right screen of the Apple MacBook this blog post is being written on, it's 12:00 midnight. That means it's still Tuesday, and this post isn't late.

Almost, yes. Actually, no.

It's been a long day for. It was the company birthday party, so we had to go bowling. And the bowling alley was right by the rock climbing gym, so we had no excuse and had to go rock climbing afterward. And then we had to go do a first read on a brand-new unpublished novel and come up with creative commentary, so it got late in the evening before we really got down to brass tacks.

And then our literary friend Gordon made a Faceborg post. About the "most vomit inducing chapter title of the day." See, Gordon's an editor, and apparently he should have an "of the day" blog too. His would be much higher brow, though, since it'd be about literariness (that's actually a word! Spellcheck* says so!) instead of just made up band names. His post lead to the Band Name Of The Day for the Twenty-Fourth-Third Day Of March in the Year of Our Lord 2011:

The Rotten Nipples, and I swear to God in heaven, this was actually a literary discussion! The Rotten Nipples are a grunge band from Los Angeles in the mid-to-late Nineties. Sort of like Nirvana with a SoCal twist. Less artisan beer and more malt liquor, and a bit more MTV-stunning depravity than actual Seattle art. Still, they know how to use a Marshal stack and a couple of old Fenders, so they do well enough.

*Of course, Spellcheck thinks that "Spellcheck" isn't a word, so draw your own conclusions.

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