Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Love Is Like Oxygen

Ah, today's been a good day- we got another great band name from one of our musician friends! Elena writes in from somewhere in Seattle (we think). Seattle, of course, is a place that has more water than air in the atmosphere, so this might be an entirely apropos band name:

The Oxy Morons, or possibly Oxy and the Morons. In any case, these guys are a small-time party band that rocks hard. The sort of band you see in your local bar, think about how awesome they are and you really should see them again, and then suddenly, bang, MTV and VH1 are airing specials, studios are fighting over movie rights and every damn teenybopper has all their records (except for the early demos) even though they have no idea about how deep those lyrics are, man!

In any case, it's commonly agreed that The Oxy Morons got their big break some years ago opening for a band that would totally be our Bonus Band Name Of The Day:

Hypoxia, which actually exists and is technically not qualified for the blog, but has an awesome name.

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