Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dance, Dance The Shaking Of The Sheets

Last night was the end of an era. One of us here at BNOTD moonlights as a musician, and was involved for most of the past 4 years or so with the Alameda Ceilidh* Band. We didn't have a website (that's a link to the ceilidh's site, not the band), a solid lineup (it was mostly the fiddler plus whoever showed up that night) or even a name- we were always just "the band" at the ceilidh, and "the Alameda Ceilidh Band" everywhere else.

Anyhow, the ceilidh has ended a long run, and the band has taken its last bows, shaken hands, and dispersed to the four winds. Sure, we'll play together again, and the same music most likely, and for at least some of the same dancers, but that last, silent member of the band was the hall and that is no longer part of us.

Right now, I bet you're thinking "yeah, yeah, great, band's dead, what's this got to do with the blog?" Easy! Now that the name isn't taken anymore, we can use it here:

Alameda Ceilidh Band, a boisterous and sweaty bunch of snarky bastards (and the occasional composed, attractive and snarky lady or two) who play drinking songs stone-cold-sober.

What? It doesn't count because it's a real band? Oh, fine. Bonus Band Name Of The Day:

The Meat Donuts. They play rock.


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