Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Like "The Jackal" In A Woodshop

Sometimes things happen in real life, and sometimes they happen online. Generally, real life is the more rewarding place to be, but sometimes... just sometimes, things really need to stay online.

Like in this case. See, a friend of ours was building something, and posted on Faceborg that he needed some clamps for gluing something.

From there, the discussion devolved into how owning clamps makes you manly.

From there, it went down into how clamps make men sexy.

Descending further, the discussion turned to whether it was a good idea to have clamps in the bedroom. You know, for ambiance.

And there we had a Band Name Of The Day:

The Sexclamps! The Sexclamps are a post-punk band from the early nineties. They've seen The Village People and didn't quite get away clean. Hard-hitting rock and roll in the vein of The Cramps, Nirvana and, yes, The Sex Pistols.

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