Monday, March 21, 2011

Land Of 1,000... Hits?

Wait, what's that? We haven't been posting enough lately? Well, come on, we're busy people! Some of us are on spring break, others are working for a living and at least one of us is off in the desert somewhere.

Still, we do have a bit of good news: Today, we pass 1,000 pageviews. Perhaps not great for a blog, but certainly not bad for something as far off the beaten path as the Band Name Of The Day. That, of course, deserve celebration! Here at BNOTD, we do that by binging. On band names, of course, and we've got a whole list from a Retarded Bee down in the South Bay Area. We've taken the liberty of suggesting musical directions for them, but feel free to dissent in the comment forum.

Nuclear Guppies- Originally this was going to be a swing band, but in (the glowing green) light of recent events, it might have to be a J-Pop band. All proceeds to go solar power research.
Arachnaphilia- Goth.
Fjord Fusion- A traditional Scandinavian band that uses synthesizers.
Clouded Minds- (a jedi tribute band)
Conch Nuts- Hawaiian.
...Spaghetti and Eels- Ew. We've got nothing. Ideas?
Electric Rhinos- 80's synth-pop. Like Daft Punk with pink hair and no helmets.
Double-Double and the Cheese- They do rockabilly covers of Richard Cheese songs.
Swimming with Gorillas- A low-profile (but very good) alt-rock/singer-songwriter group.
Vaporized Vikings- Loud, crunchy heavy metal, very much of the wall-of-sound school of thought.
Sidelined Snidewinders (yes, snidewinders. I don't know what that means either)- Obviously, a country act.
Truffle Trippers- Obviously a psychedelic band.

And there you have it: A veritable orgy of band names to celebrate our 1,000th (and a bit) page view!

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