Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Courtin' In The Kitchen

Well, we started it, so now we have to continue it. That's right, food-based Band Names Of The Day. Yesterday we treated you to pork-product roses, and today isn't much better.

A good friend of ours, once again a musician who has the sick sense of humor that seems to be endemic to the species, was reading the ingredients to the meat-product Taco Bell uses in their food.

If you feel queasy now, we recommend you stop reading.

It seems that this fine gentleman was not content with The Beefy Oatmeal, which is an interesting concept but not really that great of a Band Name, and moved on to something which truly has the makings of an excellent Band Name Of The Day:

Meatloaf Slurry, which should give you pause right there. Unfortunately, this is Band Name Of The Day, and we don't stop when common sense kicks in, no sir! We need to know what sort of music Meatloaf Slurry plays! We think it's drunken Irish covers of old Meat Loaf songs, or perhaps a variety act specializing in his greatest hits through the ages. In any case, it's an ugly scene.

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