Friday, April 15, 2011

Bigger Harder Faster Stronger

So there we* were, careening past a nasty bit of construction on the highway 92 flyover in the Bay Area, and thinking about how there hadn't been a band name posted in a whole 24 hours. It being Friday, this clearly had to be a good one, but what?

Then, there in the middle of the construction, perched on a pile of earth like a rusting crown upon a crumbling king, was a filthy, ancient bulldozer. And bang! There was our Band Name Of The Day:

Post Industrial Noise Machine! This is, by the very nature of the name, defined as a contemporary (post-industrial) noise band with a heavy elecronica influence. Imagine, if you will, a really, really crunchy Daft Punk. Yeah, sort of like that, with some of Pink Floyd's "Welcome To The Machine" undertone noises, and perhaps a touch of Rammstein's heavy guitar work layered over a bleeding edge, ultra-contemporary futuristic sound.

*"we" in this case being just one of us.

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