Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well, perhaps not tequila just yet, but it's certainly spring time, and that invariably leads into summer. Summer, when the days are long and the nights are warm, the drinks cool and the bars open late. We like summer here at BNOTD, and not just because we're all raging alcoholics.

Nevertheless, we have had a suggestion for a band name from a good friend of ours, who came up with it based on one of our favorite summer pastimes. She suggested that "Tuesday Night Mojitos" would make a good band name. She's right but something seemed not quite right, so the band name got put in the file for a while as we carefully considered this conundrum. On the one hand- it's a good name and with a wonderful homage. On the other, our guts kept whispering that it could be improved somehow.

If there's one thing we know, it's to listen to our guts when there's alcohol involved. The guts were right, of course- it was an imperfect band name because it's limiting! No good band name limits you to drinking one night a week! So ladies and gentlemen, with a slight tweak and a hefty apology to Ms. K. K., we present to you the Band Name Of The Day for Thursday, April 14th:

Mojito Nights, which could be just about anything with a hefty Latin flare. We see this as a younger, sexier version of the Buena Vista Social Club, a band that would still play all night, but then doesn't spend the wee morning just sitting in cafes or taking a nostalgic walk through Havana.

Once a good thing gets rolling, however, it rarely stops. Naturally, we had to push the envelope and see if we could make this band name even less limiting by changing it to The Drinks. Alas, it looks like that's already taken, and The Drinks are, in fact, a California rock band signed to the Pure Greed label. So much for The Drinks.

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