Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Four Horsemen

It's been a fat day here in BNOTD Land.

First, we got a great link to an article which a crack journalist investigates how difficult it is to come up with original band names and how weird they end up being (Crushed Bunny being the one they used as an example).

Then, in a completely unrelated incident, we got a whole list of band names from that person's husband, who writes:

Random band names, courtesy of Dwarf Fortress's random fortress name generator:

The Rough Authors
Diamond Lens
The City of Radiance

We're no great players of Dwarf Fortress here, but we do recognize good band names when we see them! Most of these would, of course, make great fantasy metal names, but The Rough Author would be great for a literary band of some genre (cowboy music, maybe? They close each show with the Lone Ranger theme from the old radio series...), and of course The Diamond Lens would be a great name for a steampunk band, an acid jazz ensemble, an electronica band like, say, Daft Punk, just about anything really.

But the true Band Name Of The Day, picked for true crusty creep-factor, comes from a friend of ours who's a docent, currently at Alcatraz (we think). She suggests:

Fistulous Withers, which just sounds like some sort of horrific heavy metal band. Then we asked where in God's name that came from, and she told us. We'll do you the favor and not describe it here.

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