Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Four Horsemen

Some days beg the question about whether there should be such a genre as musical deconstructionism. Not the snooty, philosophical sense, but in the sense of a musical theme for destruction and apocalypse.

Of course, it really doesn't hurt that we have friends like Jeff & Greg, a friend and a friend of a friend respectively, who got back to us with some suggestions which we, being enterprising bastards, combined into a band name and an album name. Because we're good like that:

Melodious Wreck, a band specializing in crunchy electric bass, steel drums (as in, oil barrels), found instruments and really loud amplifiers. Their first album will be called Of Course You Want A Blowtorch, and will most likely come with welding goggles. Or perhaps some tool of destruction, because protective gear really doesn't go with the theme here.

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