Saturday, April 2, 2011


Some days, we just need to be rude here on Band Name Of The Day. Not because we're actively trying to promote an atmosphere of hostility, or of tasteless jerkiness, but just because that's the sort of folks we are.

Not everyone in this world is squeaky clean, thoughtful and believes that the way to a better planet is by offending nobody. Some of us know that it's important to get along with our fellow humans, but it's also important to push the envelope a bit, to open people's minds to other options. Put enough ideas in someone's head, and their mind will expand whether they like it or not. All of a sudden, things that used to be utterly alien to them and shocked them nigh unto death are suddenly just a bit eccentric. Hell, look at earrings! It used to be that only sailors and carnies wore an earring, but these days nobody blinks if a man's got a brass hoop through his earlobe.

We're not the only people in the world who think like, this, and this leads us to our Band Name Of The Day:

Shredded Clitoris, which is an all-grrl gutter punk group from nitty gritty old London. They know that the world benefits from the occasional shock, and that the mere mention of things will bring them into the mainstream. So far from being some sort of ultra violent, misogynistic bunch of sociopathic sadists, the members of this band are loud, screeching, feminists who change the world in a better way inch by painful inch.

Finally, we'd like to close by saying that this band name was proposed to us by a regular reader who has asked to remain anonymous. Nevertheless, we'd like to say thank you for a chance to spout off a bit of our immature amateur philosophy.

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