Friday, April 1, 2011

No More Mr. Clean

Well, ladies and gentlemen of the press, it's another Friday night, and that means it's time to find a bar clean the house to prepare for the weekend! We're not huge fans of cleaning here at Band Name Of The Day, although we fully admit to the usefulness of clean sheets, especially vis a vis "editing" the cleanliness of said sheets.


Anyhow, we've got another BNOTD out of Oakland today, courtesy of the housemate of yesterday's BNOTD! This one, oddly enough, came about at her job at a major national corporation. Not the sort of thing that would normally condone this blog, but it seems the employees have been enjoying it in a sort of quiet revolt. We approve of this. They came up with:

Lysol Bomb. They add that it's Either a grunge band, or little old lady christian ballad folk rock. We're not sure about that, but this is another one of those great band names that hasn't been taken*, so please, feel free to use it! In fact, if you do, we'll absolutely link to you!

*as far as we know, and we know only what we can establish with less than ten seconds worth of googling.

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