Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Zoo

For today's Band Names (yes, plural!) Of The Day, we have a whole cage full from our agent in the armpit of California Fresno!

She, apparently, was driving down an alley in a desperate bid to go somewhere, when a swarm of bees blocked off the alley and forced her to slow to a crawl while they interrogated her windshield. Just think what would have happened if she's driven a bit faster. We could have had real-world experience with our band names! Which are:

Bee Goo, which is probably more of a Nick At Night sort of band name, but might still work quite handily for something like a jam band or some sort of hipster side project. Still, not as cool as:

Suicidal Swarm! This must and can only be a powermetal band. A batch of leather-clad, strung-out screaming freaks with long black locks and guitars with spikes coming out of them. Truly hard core.

Still, this balances out the other story we received from the same deeply embedded source, who came home to find a package from something she'd ordered on Etsy. It had a stamp on the wrapper, of an owl with hearts for eyes and a love letter in its beak. Bang:

Lovesick Owl, which is a hipster band of course. A real shoegaze group, addicted to owls, passive emotions, heavy glasses and having hair in their eyes. No match for Suicidal Swarm here.

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