Saturday, April 23, 2011

Te Dum, Te De

We have two band names for you today! One is strange, and the other one is, well, a bit stranger.

Story the first:

Some of us were in the kitchen, cheerfully making a delicious leek/broccoli/kale stirfry, and the comment was tossed out "you're a great kitchen gnome!" This, of course, was not acceptable to an individual of this particular stature, and the comment was returned: "Gnome? I'm like a whole army of gnomes!"And there you have it:

Army of Gnomes: a groove rock band from Kansas City, in fact, the only groove rock band in Kansas City. They're very good, and have a great name, but, well, they're in Kansas City. Or would be, if they existed. Prove us wrong, please! Create a band called Army of Gnomes in a place where they could actually go places!

Not that Kansas City is a dead end or anything, we'd never suggest that! It's just that in our experience, there's nothing there.

The second Band Name Of The Day, the Bonus Band Name Of The Day if you will, is:

The Neurotic Guinea Pigs! We're not exactly sure where this came from, but it seems to have emerged somehow from a conversation about eating frog legs, no doubt spawned by watching The Triplets Of Belleville, which is an excellent movie. This is a comedy act, of course, a sort of quirky jazz group.

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