Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Timewarp

Whoah, how did it become Tuesday already? Granted, we're hardly fantastic about getting stuff posted up here every single day, but we don't generally go more than a day or two without delivering something to the slavering masses.

(bnotd monday: the slavering masses, a group of slavic working-class rockers. yeah, we've got nothing today)(we'll get to sunday later)

Anyhow, Saturday involved, um, not much really. Sunday involved more not much, and then a bit of a reunion with some of the Warped House. While good friends, those reuniting never actually lived in the house at the same time. Nevertheless, good times were had, drinks were drunk, and games were played- specifically, and interesting thing called Arkham Horror. It's a long, confusing, complicated game taking place entirely within the Lovecraft-brand of warped horror, and this leads us to the BNOTD for Sunday night:

Arkham Bafflement, which is naturally a Steampunk band (like Abney Park, but not much like Daft Punk), complete with ruffled shirts and strangely glazed looks.

Anyhow, moving right along into Monday, we had:

The Slavering Masses, the aforementioned band of immigrant rock and roll, which leaves us with today.

Today. Ah, yes, today. See, one of the BNOTD  staff (in fact, the one writing this post) has a degree in English (Ed: this is why I do all the writing). Every time said English major makes any sort of typo, the gang (and we do mean "gang!") of friends jumps all over him in gibbering glee to point out the mistake. Occasionally, this makes for truly epic band names. Like today:

Peace Corpse, which is a hoodoo-influenced hippie band from New Orleans. They're like the Grateful Dead, but a bit more dead than grateful.

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