Friday, April 22, 2011

I Drink Alone

So no shit, there we were (and "we" in this case not being the crew of the warped house as oh-so-frequently advertised, but just a single member surrounded by the rest of the company he works for) when word went out: 3:30 is beer:30, get your orders in!

Yup, the CEO was going for a beer run for anyone who was still left by 4:00 pm on a Friday (protip: in a startup, that can be very few!)

This, of course, inspired us for a Band Name Of The Day:

Executive Beer Run! They play all kinds of music, but specialize in quitting songs and slacker music: Bang On A Drum, It's A Five O'Clock World, Money For Nothing, stuff like that.


  1. I would listen to Executive Beer Run all the time. Especially this afternoon, when I am the only one left at the office and I have oodles to do and no motivation.

  2. We're certain that EBR would be an awesome band. They probably wear pinstripe suits and play old-school Fender guitars.

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