Sunday, April 17, 2011


Keeping a blog of fresh, unused band names is strange- some days, it just happens on its own, we've got a name (or five!) and can't wait to post the damn thing, and other days, we've got nothing. We'll either break our brains to come up with something awesome, or we'll go back to the file (which is getting thin, by the way! Send us more please!), or sometimes we just say "fuck it," and don't bother for a day.

Then there are days like today, where we really should post one, and we know there's something great out there, we just haven't found it yet. Sure enough, a text came in from some of our deep scouts in Sacramento. It seems the usual suspects had been discussing how humanity is going down the drain (read: cyborgism, genetic engineering, and other cool stuff), when someone said it was just a mater of time before we were all over run by... well, by our Band Name Of The Day:

Cybernetic Ligers, which can only be a nerd-core band. Because, really, who else knows what ligers are? OK, we do, and the deep scouts do, but that's besides the point. The Cybernetic Ligers probably have created an entire cover album of the Robocop soundtrack, done on synthesizers and ukeleles.

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