Monday, February 7, 2011

Cold Turkey?

So there we were, working away on our respective computers and trying to get through a massive customer support backlog from the weekend, when we found a spam email.

Now, spamming used to be a respectable thing, like fliering a neighborhood or posting on every cork board on campus, but it's become this weird entity in its self, like some sort of massive abstract performance art piece, or a bit of software gone haywire. In short, spam's just gotten weird.

And today, we got a one-word spam email in the support queue, and that one word just had to be the Band Name Of The Day:

Zamturk. And wow, is it a flexible one! Obviously, any Turkish pop and rock band would kill to use this (and they're welcome to!), but it could equally well be an acid jazz outfit, a strange J-Pop ensemble, or even electronica, like Daft Punk.

Anyhow, we think Zamturk will go down as one of the great Band Names Of The Day of history.

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