Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gasoline, Gasoline!

Well, today was a slow day with an even slower ending. See, one of us commutes over a certain bridge across the San Francisco Bay, and today a motorcyclist had a bit of a rough landing it seems, and the bridge was backed up as they landed a god damn helicopter on the highest point of the span.

Needless to say, a detour was in order, which entailed doubling the commute distance and massive oxidation of distilled petroleum products.

All this, of course, dovetails neatly with a number of band names we had submitted a little over a week ago (we've got a bit of a back log, please bear with us). That suggestion was:

Dame Judi Diesel, a clear contender for a mature rock and roll goddess. Sort of like Souixsie Souix, but with more dignity and power chords.

Her backup band, of course, would be called Dames On Diesel. It's true: Dame Judi Dench does deserve some time in the spotlight, if nothing else because she is one of our favorite women to watch on the screen, and for very different reasons than Halle Berry.

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