Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nothin' But A Hound-Dog

Alright, alright, we admit it- we didn't post band names yesterday. But let's face it, any band names coming out of that horrid mishmash of cheap chocolate and broken dreams is bound to be a bit saccharin. You know, too-sweet, and with a bitter finish.

Unless, of course, those band names are brought to you by BNOTD!

And so we have a band name stemming from a conversation with some office mates we're legally prohibited from giving here. Let's just say we were discussing interior decorating inside a metal elevator when we came up with:

DiscoBomb. It's a disco band, of course, but it could go a few ways from there- it could be a bunch of guys in white polyester suits finger-pointing on a back-lit floor since 1978, or it could be a band of hiply ironic contemporary Middle Eastern electronica performers laying down beats like Daft Punk with a political message. Either way's bound for glory, but one does it in style and one does it in white polyester.

And then moving right along, we have today's BNOTD. There are people in this world with the last name of Power. Some of them are rather famous, others not so much. So what happens when one of them gets a PhD? Well, if you're into odd band names, amazing things happen:

Dr. Power! We envision this as a sort of Burning Man-inspired, vaguely Frankenstein-themed rock and roll-cum-science show of the grandest, loudest, most explosive (literally and figuratively) style imaginable.

And there you have it: DiscoBomb and Dr. Power, coming soon to a dirty, disreputable, basement club near you.

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