Monday, February 21, 2011

Roll Over, Beethoven!

Ah, three day weekends, how we love you here at BNOTD! Seriously, three day weekends are fantastic! Not only do you get a weekend that's 50% longer, but you also get a work week that's 20% shorter! Pretty classy of President... um, President... Mr. President, the guy who's birthday it is today.

And moving right along, we've got a horrid awesome find from FaceBorg, where a friend of ours posted this.

Naturally, it led straight to the Band Name Of The Day! No, not The Damn Communists (although that would be good) or The Silly Nazis, nope, it's:

Rat's Anus, which is naturally a shock rock band. We get a lot of those around here, quelle surprise!

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