Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Been Three Days

Well, it hasn't quite been three days, but we're in the middle of a three-day weekend. Today's been the first really gorgeous day in the Bay Area in most of a week, but we shouldn't complain- the rain we've had followed something like three weeks of sunshine and 70 degree weather.

Yesterday's awesome food made another awesome dinner today, but it might not be safe to keep eating like this without some sort of regular exercise program to compensate for it. In fact, it's so important to keep exercise up, that we've got ourselves a Band Name Of The Day:

The Runs, which is a 1970's style all-chick punk rock band. Fuck-me boots, leather jackets, miniskirts and stockings with, well, runs in them. Traditional lead, rhythm, bass, drums and vocals, totally glammed-out trashy chic, but damn can they rock!

Alternately, this could be The Runes, for a mythological rock band focusing on some sort contemporary pagan spiritualism. It could even be spelled Therun and pronounced they-roon or ther-unn, in both cases with a hard TH like in thorn. In any case, they'd be totally awesome to anyone who likes hobgoblins, and unheard of outside of the Dungeons and Dragons crowd.

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