Thursday, February 10, 2011

Purple Haze All In My Brain

It's been one of those days. You know, those days where coffee just doesn't cut it, and you're left feeling drowsy like you just want to take a nap in the sun. So you add more of that wonderful insecticide to your bloodstream until you can feel your body awake and chipper, but your mind just wants to drift off.

Yeah, you've all had those days.

And so we turn to a friend of ours, a lovely young lady with a bit of gypsy swing to her soul who suggested:

Haze of Catsup, which would obviously be a British alt-rock band. You can tell they're British because they spell it catsup instead of ketchup. They're classy like that.

But of course few of our readers are satisfied with giving us just one Band Name, and so she provided us with a second one, as well:

The Invisible Nudists, which is a pleasantly suggestive title, given who we got it from. She, it seems, picked it up from Neil Gaiman's blog, 'cause that's just how she rolls. We think this would be a great name for a light electronica band, a sort of ambient Daft Punk, but with fewer space helmets. Then again, it could also be a good hipster band (probably a talented one, they chose a title that isn't too intentionally stupid), or some sort of cracked-out drunk hayseed hillbilly band from Yuba, California.

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