Saturday, February 26, 2011

Get Your Motor Running!

So it's been a while again, and we've been quite lax about the promise to post every day. In fact, we haven't fulfilled it at all.

But that's alright, since we only ever promised to try to post every day.

So to atone for your sins apologize for slacking, we've got a couple of Band Names for you for yesterday earlier today, since yesterday today clearly doesn't end until we go to bed, regardless of what the clock says.

Anyhow, we got a text recently from our good friend Lizard up in Sacramento. It seems Lizard and Tori were at a four-way stop sign where nobody was going but everyone was sort of lunging forward in little jolts like they were about to go. Lizard had enough, gunned it, and shrieked "(some horrible insult we can't remember because it was completely overshadowed by what's to come) you, you indecisive cocks!"

And Tori, dear, brilliant Tori, said "Hey, that'd make a great band name!" There you have it:

The Indecisive Cocks, who carry on the illustrious tradition of (adjective)(slang term for "penis") band names started by the likes of The Revolting Cocks and Throbbing Gristle. The Indecisive Cocks have put out a number of concept albums exploring punk, heavy metal, rockabilly and most recently calypso and acid jazz fusion.

But Tori didn't stop there. Oh, no, that would not be her style at all! She continued with "They're probably formerly known as:

Flacid Reflux." As Flacid Reflux, they played exclusively smooth jazz and of course soft rock.

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