Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In The Desert You Can't Remember Your Name

So there we were, having a meeting. And by "having a meeting" we mean gossiping and trading stories about musicians we know, but nodding seriously so anyone walking past the office could tell we weren't just slacking off. We came to the conclusion that the musical world really was quite small, and then split up, one to finish his burrito, the other to go get one.

The lunch counter down in the belly of the high-rise was playing the Gypsy Kings, which is a great band with a fantastic name, and we got to chatting to the owner of cafeteria. As it turns out, he plays guitar and keyboard, and cut his musical teeth drumming back home in Yemen.

And bang, there was our Band Name of The Day:

The Drums Of Yemen. This would probably be a high-profile, government-endorsed cultural music group featuring the greatest stars of Middle Eastern percussion. Family friendly, in a loud and glamorous sort of way.

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