Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Komputerwelt? Not So Much!

Oof. It's been a long day on the support queue for an internet startup, and let me tell you, here in Silicon Valley we're utterly spoiled in what we expect people to do computers.

Take for instance your editors here at BNOTD: Taken as a bunch, we're more or less computer idiots. Never mind that we blog, Facebook, Tumblr (what's the verb form of that Tumblring? Tumblingr?), play on various chat programs, bounce between browsers as pleases us, use various Apple toys, dabble in the occasional HTML or page building, we're still considered computer simpletons.

But then there are people like the ones who we dealt with today. People who, when asked to use a different browser for something, attempted to use a different internet connection. People who still us AOL browsers released in the 90's.

God only knows the world would be a happier place if these weren't a completely literal examples.

However, this gives us a great BNOTD:

The E-diots. Originally we were going to go with The iDiots, but that was just way too hip. Nope, these guys make repetitive, generic music using computers. They don't play electronic music, but some sort of primitive analog soundalike they create with the actual computer hardware.

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