Friday, February 11, 2011

I Like Big... Butts... ?!

Ah, the work week is over, the day is done, and the weekend is here, and here at BNOTD our minds turn to thoughts of monikers!

The best band names, of course, are the ones narrowly rejected by actual, honest-to-God musicians, and so tonight we reach out to a friend and guitarist from the South Bay. He has a couple for us, starting with a foodie acronym:

OMG & The WTF BBQs. We really don't know what sort of band this would be, but wow, it's gonna be out there. Really the kind of thing that makes you drop your jaw and stare. Then they'd throw grilled meat into the audience for extra weirdness.

The next one brought to us is one of his Rock Band 2 band names. Originally, we were on the fence about this because we don't want to have actual band names that have been used by actual bands here, but then decided that any band put together for a videogame was by definition not a real band, band besides, we got permission. So here you go:

Transporter Accident, and while we have no idea what sort of music they played for that silly game, this would be an awesome hardcore band name.

the last one we'll let this clever gentleman tell in his own words: A fellow guitar player once commented that the health warnings on the back of a bag of chips made with Olestra sounded like punk band names. '...and now, for one night only... CBGB welcomes...

Fecal Urgency! This would, of course, be a shock rock or punk band. My friend, you have made us proud to know here at BNOTD! May your scales be major and may your chords never be diminished!

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