Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Lion Sleeps In Oakland Tonight

Tonight was a day of experimentation of the culinary variety. Specifically, vegan Ethiopian food. Experimentation in the sense that several of us had never cooked vegan food, and none of us had ever touched Ethiopian other than to stuff ourselves silly with it.

Boy howdy, was it tasty!

Then came the cleanup, and as usual when you get overfed, slightly beer-soaked people scrubbing pots and pans, bad jokes come and then get worse. Food was discussed, food we'd had for dinner, and food we hadn't had for dinner. It was meat-free food, of course, and there hadn't been any cake. Therein lay today's Band Name Of The Day:

Meat Cake, possibly modified to Meatcake, Meat/Cake, Meet Cake, and possibly event some bizarre spelling abnormality like Meatkake or something. At any rate, this is another versatile band name, but is probably some stripe of punk/indie/homebrew rock-and-roll.

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