Saturday, February 12, 2011

Twice On The Pipe Means "No"

It's 11:11 pm on a Saturday night, so let's keep this short and sweet.

There we were, driving around a dark (and tragically quiet) Walnut Creek, CA, when we started talking about sauces. Specifically, Awesome Sauce. We decided that someone needed to bottle and sell the stuff, and then got side tracked by the economic implications of a single-product business design.

This is all true, hand before God.

Naturally, branching out was in order, first with Awesome Sauce: Sweet! Flavor and then with Awesome Sauce: Hot! Flavor, and deteriorating rapidly into Wicked Sauce, and finally into the moniker of the day, which is:

Awkward Sauce. This is a shoegaze band of course, not unlike OK Go, but less cool.

Yes, less cool than OK Go. We'll just let that one sink in for a minute.

Shoegaze here or there, Awkward Sauce is a technically passable band with an almost negative stage magnetism. The audience feels uncomfortable the moment they come on stage, and you can tell that the band feels even worse. They're all vintage guitars and digital amps stuffed into old Crate housings. Awkward sauce indeed.

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