Sunday, February 6, 2011

Closing Time

So last night we closed out the bar. We haven't done that in a while, but your faithful narrator is leaving the Horrible House, and needed a proper send-off.

There we were, about fourteen strong, completely in charge of our corner (meaning we had all fourteen of us packed between the bar and the wall some four feet away), cracking horrible jokes and wondering when Bouncer Jim would transmogrify into Bartender Jim, when someone let slip with "bacon makes everything better."

Naturally, the game became "What Does Bacon Not Make Better?" and that quickly led to the bandname of the night:

Bacon Flavored Condom, which we imagine would be some sort of small-time punk or rock band. Probably nobody too big, because you just can't go on the radio with a name like that, the DJs would be spluttering and laughing into the mic the whole time.

Anyhow, from there the game became "What's The Funniest Euphemism For 'Blowjo'?" and that gave us the BNOTD for yesterday (for we have been slacking):

Long Pork Popsicle! This is one of those wonderfully utilitarian band name that could be usd by anything from jam rock to a swing band of perverted clowns, but most likely describes some sort of Island Sound steel drum band with a dark sense of humor. And that, in turn, leads us to Friday's Band Name Of The Day, which is:

The Dirty Old Hoodoo Band. With a name like that, what could they possibly play other than New Orleans jazz?

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