Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow

So there we were, scattered across this great state of ours, some even further, wrapping up a quiet Thursday, when we got an email.

The email was, of course, a band name, from the chap who runs Morning Crazy.

He writes:

For your band name of the day blog I submit to you, with no context, Diesel-Powered Taint Shank.

First, we'd like to say that normally we prefer to have context, but today, we'll forgo that. Secondly:...

...No, there is no secondly. Just this: "Diesel-Powered Taint Shank"!

He continues:

Yes, that's probably means what you think it means.

We weren't aware we thought that meant anything, but now we do. Good lord, we're sad and twisted bastards.

And concludes:

Blame Warren Ellis.


So there you have it, the Band Name Of The Day is:

Diesel-Powered Taint Shank. This can't be anything other than a hard core band, fronted by a disgusting man with a bald head, greasy fedora and creepy beard.

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